Ziba Ansari-Orlando

My professional career began as a pharmacist seventeen years ago. Throughout these years, I have been caring for the needs of patients from all walks of life; substance abuse, self-neglect and self-harm, mental illness, physical and mental abuse, chronic diseases, and much more.

As a new mother, the growing trend among children placed on long-term medications for behavioral concerns has been the hardest to digest.

I’ve been pondering what parents need to guide and support their parenting journey.

About a decade ago, I began my ongoing soul work, learning, expanding, and opening my soul through various meditative practices and retreats, spirit-led courses, and energy medicine training.  I have lived in moments of flow and through my own work in energy medicine and yoga it became evident that each individual person has the potential to ride a healthy self-empowered joyful life. My new understanding fortified a deeper life mission.

The desire to work with parents is a soul calling and a result of many nights asking the universe how I can be of service in this lifetime.

By bringing together my background in pharmacy along with certifications in Energy Medicine Yoga, and Parent Coaching, and years of spiritual practice, I connected the dots between parenting, yoga and a heart-centered approach to life and that’s when I envisioned, shaped and founded “A Heartful Path”.

As a mother, you serve as the messenger for source, bringing the light and wisdom to your offspring and enabling that which aligns with their highest calling. Therefore, navigating the direction of our children's path should arise from the depths of our heart, a place where connection to source is strengthened, rather than from a place of fear, human distraction or following. This understanding will alleviate struggles for mothers who are conditioned to follow the 'pack', rather than their own intuition and guidance.

There is no perfect way to accomplish the above, there is only the path driven by your own innate heart energy

~ Ziba Ansari-Orlando
Children’s Book Author

The ABCs of Life

“The ABCs of Life” serves as a conversation starter, aimed at deepening connections with children while demonstrating how to view the world through the lens of love versus fear and appreciating our human differences and uniqueness.

This book opens the door to the various ways to nurture and feed the mind and soul such as human connections, eating well, outdoor play, as well as humility and gratitude.  The author takes a wide-angle approach to leading a life well-lived, following A Heartful Path.

The overarching emphasis is for children to learn that happiness resides inside their Heart, and to find their unique gifts and shine their light.

The author hopes the lessons in the book can serve as the pillars for lifelong success.